Examples of Watercolour illustration by Steve Carroll

Say goodbye to the unsung heroes of the coffee revolutionGermany will feel impotent rage at not being able to declare independence from AmericaThe spread of fake academic documentsA selection of cultural events around the world, one a month, for those desperate for distraction. Illustrated by Steve Carroll for The World In 2018, written by Lane Green: Deputy books and arts editor and Johnston columnist, The Economist and Yvonne Ryan: Managing Editor, The World In 2018Brace yourself for the next wave of cybercrimeThe second of three paintings for The Stuart Arms in Dufftown, showing various barrels of whisky from Speyside, Skye, Orkney, Jura and Isla.Bad news for international co-operationAn article for the Economist on the state of rich countries, courtesy of the fiscal crisis.Cartoon of former leaders of Russia and Japan - Vladimir Putin and Junichiro Koizumi, illustrating the dispute of oil reserves and island ownership. As seen in The Economist - The World in 2005.Confusion in what will happen to the value of currencies during the depressed state of the economy.An illustration of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy squaring up for an election battle, as seen in The Economist - The World in 2005.
In 2020 a father will create a new drug to try to save his daughter’s lifeA song for ThomasinaEye-catching space missions could boost dreams of setting up bases on celestial bodies.Iran could follow the Chinese model to become a regional economic powerAcrylic painting of The Singleton; a sweet and smooth Single Malt Scotch Whisky of Dufftown matured for 15 years and accompanied by the angels share. This painting can be seen in the restaurant area of The Stuart Arms, Dufftown as part of a trio of panels.A number of countries are jostling to be in the pre-eminent forum for discussions between world leaders.Cartoon about a search for life beyond Earth, using the powerful NASA telescope named Kepler. As seen in The Economist - The World in 2009.Group caricature of Ken Livingston, Anthony Eden, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Tony Benn for the Reader's Digest.Front cover cartoon of an Olympic Dragon for the Economist - The World in 2008 which had a special China section.A caricature of Howard Youngerwood for the Police Review's Verbals page, using Acrylic inks and watercolour.A caricature of Brian Hall-Tomkin for the Police Review's Verbals page, using Acrylic inks and watercolour.
The booming business of obtaining passports and residence visas for rich people will face increased threatsChief executives will find it hard to escape politicsIf anybody is prepared to deal with a politics played in lento and prestissimo, it is Jeremy Corbyn.“If they do it, they should do it properly,” one local fisherman stipulates of the Nicaraguan CanalA brief homage to Mexico's lesser known drinkAfter infecting humans for over 5000 years, scientists should at long last be able to see a route to the total eradication of malaria.Cartoon of the US presidential race to the Whitehouse, between the Democrat Donkeys and the Republican Elephants. As seen in The Economist - The World in 2007.Latin America takes stock of 200 years of solitude from Spanish colonial rule. Illustrated in the Economist.An article for the Economist, regarding Germany's increasing influence on the euro-zone economy.Illustration for the Economist - The World in Art 2008, about under water exploration.A caricature of Howard Marks for the Police Review's Portrait of a doctor taking on a more managerial role. Cover illustration for the British Medical Association magazine.
Most science fiction is not predictive. Yet it can still be a guide to the futureThe excessive flight from risk5G is coming fast, but maybe not in the way you thinkCan Australia keep the lights on in the face of record-breaking heat?The third of three paintings for The Stuart Arms in Dufftown, showing the interior of Japans first commercial whiskey distillery, built in 1923.Editorial illustration for The Scotland on Sunday newspaper debating the European Union from a Scottish perspective.Illustration about the weather forecast 20 years ahead and it's effects on the planet. As seen in The Economist - World in 2006.An alternative Christmas card with a play on the words 'sanity clause' and 'santa claus', as inspired by Chico Marx.Front cover illustration for The Scottish Educational Journal of David Cameron and Nick Clegg as Del boy and Rodney with the subtitle A pitch illustration for The Economist's 'World in...' annual magazine that forecasts the worlds economic and political climate.Article for the Economist regarding the knock on effects of the credit crunch.Novel energy technologies continuing to advance as seen in this illustration of a gas station.